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"A lavish volume on hummus. Different renditions of hummus, appealing preparations like a chicken and chickpea casserole and Yemeni spiced falafel, and a history of the chickpea are strewn throughout as the book explores the hummus route, with contributions from writers like Claudia Roden." (The New York Times)
"Hummus, controversial and explosive" (Le Monde)
The Hummus Bible
"A beautiful new coffee table book is dedicated to the holiest of Israel's street foods."
"On the Hummus Route was created by prominent figures in the world of culture, cuisine, and science, in a first-of-its-kind collaboration led out of Paris across nine Middle Eastern cities, from Cairo all the way to Damascus, via Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Akko, and Beirut." (Tablet)
"Hummus is as much an art book as a cookbook, and its organizing principle is geography. Alexander wanted to make the book a journey "between cities, people, and dreams" where borders and political arguments had vanished. The book focuses on nine cities--Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Acre, Nazareth--that comprise "the hummus route." (Atlas Obscura)
"Humus, the peacemaker. 
Israeli, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian cuisines and Egyptian each claim ownership of the famous mashed chickpeas with sesame. But its simplicity and its strength symbolic might well end up transcending borders thanks to a few enthusiasts." (Mari-Claire)

Living Now award

On the Hummus Route is a groundbreaking art book and cookbook, a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams. It documents street food and life in nine Middle Eastern cities - Cairo and Jerusalem, Gaza and Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Damascus, and others, to resonate the message: "It's all about humanity".

This unique project involves more than 30 contributors, including iconic chefs, researchers, photographers, illustrators, philosophers, and more, in an unprecedented collaboration between people of all backgrounds, including Claudia Roden, Sami Tamimi, David Loftus, Karim Haidar, Farouk Mardam-Bey, Joudie Kalla, Mohammad Orfali, Prof. Liora Gvion, and many more.

The many adventures on this joint journey were collected in this groundbreaking art book and cookbook, which brings a wealth of 70 recipes shared here for the first time. This rich repository is dotted with stories, essays, and anecdotes that transcend place and time - from ancient Egypt and Greek mythologies, to the song of Rumi and the force of the future's superfoods.

On the Hummus Route showcases never-been-seen images of street photography
 capturing the vibe of everyday life in Gaza, Tel Aviv, Beirut, and Damascus in a rare and personal statement, which unfolds the immense diversity of dishes, friendships, and dreams that can be created with this one little grain - the world's most ancient raw material.

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Product Description:

  • TRAVEL LOVERS: If you are a travel enthusiast and interested in popular culture who can appreciate original design as well - you will especially enjoy the Journey to the Middle East hummus project. A culinary trip that tastes of street food, and breathtaking views. A trip where you are drawn to the different smells, the colorful markets and the tastes of the traditional cooking. A trip where you discover the stands on the crowded streets and alleys, the special spices and the fascinating people
  • SPECIAL RECIPES: Looking for nostalgic and interesting recipes and the humus' health benefits? Over 70 chickpea recipes for daily making, meals for the gourmet cooking, and the reasons why chickpeas are very important. The book is for anyone who wants a unique dish and wants to experience it in a slightly different way.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: The album is for photography enthusiasts’ as well as’ for photographers who seek inspiration, it is for nostalgia and for all popular culture enthusiasts, and anyone who thinks this culture has an impact on the way we create art nowadays. The Album is for alternative art lovers and those who want to experience the Middle East atmosphere without having to travel there.
  • INTERESTING JOURNEY: Interested in another journey and want to be inspired? The album, which was photographed by photographers from regions such as Beirut or Damascus, is intended for enthusiasts of different cultures around the world and for those who want to draw original ideas for unique, culinary campaigns from around the world.
  • A GREAT GIFT: A album you would enjoy giving and most of all open at random from time to time for a quick read, but one that brings us back to a nostalgic journey. The most beautiful and honorable gift you can give and receive for a holiday, a new home or any other family event and will be a perfect addition to your bookshelf or someone's lie to you.

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