Bussani Garlic Press Easy to Clean


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High-quality, ergonomic garlic and ginger press designed for easy use and rapid clean up.

The press is efficient enough that the garlic crusher need not be peeled for it to be crushed and extracted fully by the mechanism.

The specially designed release attachment allows the residual food and peels to be removed with minimal waste and cleaning.

Moreover, the durable piston enables the press to extract as much of the garlic clove as possible, making it ideal for people looking to reduce their waste  production and get the most out of their garlic and ginger.

The large crushing compartment allows users to effortlessly crush multiple cloves of garlic or thumbs of ginger in the press, streamlining meal preparation time while avoiding unnecessary mess and washing up. Additionally, the smooth, ergonomic handles enable maximum grip and crushing power.

The Bussani garlic presser tool comes with a scraping tool that makes manual cleaning easy and effective, the dishwasher is not recommended.

The professional-grade garlic press also comes in a jute drawstring bag for rustic-style storage, making it an ideal gift for family and friends who have an interest in cooking.

 “Our modern, "Bussani"-branded and user-friendly ginger/garlic press will probably be your best kitchen tool purchase ever!”

Does this come with a money-back guarantee? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 30-day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you’re thrilled, or we don’t want your money!

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Bussani is a family of garlic lovers!

When it comes to cooking, we do not like to compromise. After ordering our 40th garlic press online and getting disappointed from the poor quality of such an essential product, we decided to have our own high-end heavy duty professional Bussani aluminum silver garlic & ginger press. As part of our added value and quality signature, we wanted our clients to be able to store their garlic while maintaining its freshness.

Making long story short, we believe that we have successfully manufactured the best product available in the market today for garlic and cooking lovers. Now it is up to you to buy your last Garlic Press you’ll ever need, as this is a once in a lifetime purchase.

We hope that you enjoy our product and tell your friend how awesome it is!

We know – you hate chopping garlic! It's messy, it stinks up your cutting board and hands and it’s quite nerve-wracking to mince something so small with a sharp knife! Yet so many delicious dishes call for it…

Problem solved!

We call our wonderful product a high-quality Bussani garlic press. But you can call it a crusher, mincer, grater, or simply a super-handy kitchen tool (p.s. it works excellent with fresh ginger too!). It might start out as an extravagant gift to yourself, but it will quickly become one of your most essential home kitchen utensils.

The whole family will love the easy-to-use and comfy-to-hold ergonomically-designed shape. It’s the perfect knife-free way to get kids involved in cooking.

Our modern, "Bussani"-branded and user-friendly ginger/garlic press will probably be YOUR BEST KITCHEN TOOL PURCHASE ever!

Here’s why you should add it to your cart today:

Large compartment: crush one or several garlic cloves or a nice big chunk of ginger as needed.

No need to peel: your hands will never touch the actual garlic or ginger – you can put the pieces in WITH the peel on.

Ergonomic design: a smooth, comfortable grip with awesome leverage for a full press

Easy to clean: comes with a small cleaning tool; after use, run under tap water, while pushing the cleaning tool so all the peels will be pushed out – so easy!

Dishwasher Safe: can be washed in the dishwasher, but washing manually is recommended and quick.

Unique Gift Idea: the ideal gift for anyone who loves to cook. It will become an indispensable kitchen tool for professionals and hobbyists alike!

Cute Jute Bag: comes with a rustic, decorative jute/burlap drawstring bag, made of breathable fabric to store fresh garlic or any other product you want to store outside of the refrigerator. Hand-wash the bag.

I’m Ayala, the woman behind the scenes of our hand-picked products. I’m passionate about creating the most enjoyable shopping experience and giving you the best service ever!

If you’re here, it means that you’re committed to using only the best goods for your family and home.

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